Our Queen Dreamers

Help Eradicate Menstrual PovertyMessage from our President.

Thank you for your interest in Soccer For Dreamers! I am so incredibly proud of my boys  for starting this initiative to serve soccer kids in underserved areas in Ghana.

In my dealings with the people on the ground, I am making sure that the female teams are not left behind so I do a bit of digging and I wasn’t prepared for what I found out.

Most of the female teams apart from being generally underfunded, cannot and do not train during menstruation,because the girls can’t afford sanitary pads. I must admit this hit me. That during their periods, they can’t get to do what they love or go to school etc because they can’t afford basic necessities.

This is how a passion for our queen dreamers was born! I want these girls to feel confident to do what they want to do when they want to do it. This took me on a journey to raise funds for menstrual cups for these girls. Menstrual cups are a sustainable way of ensuring their monthly hygiene needs are met. Menstrual cups last up to 10 years. They don’t have to worry about pads or not going to training or school for 10 years! We put a plea out and people responded and here we are!

We not only give them menstrual cups, we educate them on its use, ensure they have support, as well as educate them on feminine hygiene.

We want these girls to step into their role as the queens they are! They are the minority in a man’s soccer world, working hard to be the best at their sport, and we are here to support them all the way!


Sylvia Akwaboah.