Thanks to generous donors like you, we continue to further advance our mission to support underprivileged athletic youth groups in underserved areas in Ghana, through procuring soccer kits and organizing health and educational programmes to help these kids thrive. For a lot of these kids, soccer isn’t just a game, it’s their way out of poverty. We are asking you to be a small part of their journey. Kids are thriving because you are giving! Would you consider making a tax-deductible donation (US residents only) to support our cause? Your donations touch hearts and will make an impact for a long, long time!


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Procuring Soccer Gear.

Ghana has a lot of talented soccer players. However, due to lack of funds, players can’t get to the height of their game because they.

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Our Feeding Programme.

On our donation drives, we make sure each of our players is served a hot meal with water and sometimes a drink if the budget allows.

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Eradicating Menstrual Poverty.

Menstrual Poverty is a real issue in Ghana, and our female soccer players are

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