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Procuring Soccer Gear

Ghana has a lot of talented soccer players. However, due to lack of funds, players can’t get to the height of their game because they just simply do not have access to the gear and facilities that is available in more developed countries. Whether it is through not being able to afford cleats, to not having jerseys, shin guards and clothes, a lot of these children in places like Ghana cannot develop their talent. To combat this and help these kids get closer to their dreams, we procure soccer gear by collecting donations of gently used soccer gear, buying them when we don’t have enough and donations of new gear from soccer shops.


 Eradicating Menstrual Poverty

Menstrual Poverty is a real issue in Ghana, and our female soccer players are unfortunate victims. Most of these players have to miss soccer training and school during their menstrual cycle, because they can’t afford menstrual hygiene products. We buy menstrual cups for these girls to ensure no girl is left behind. Menstrual cups are a sustainable way of managing menstrual hygiene; they are reusable and lasts for 10 years. We organize symposiums to build the girls’ self-esteem; teach them about their bodies, educate them on the use and benefits of the menstrual cups, we include soap with the distribution of the menstrual cups, to help them manage their menstrual hygiene, and provide them with educational material that they can refer to in the future. Each girl is given silicone wrist bands with words of affirmation to remind them of who they are. No.Girl.Left.Behind. Period.


Our Feeding Programme

On our donation drives, we make sure each of our players is served a hot meal with water and sometimes a drink if the budget allows. For some of these kids, it would be their only meal of the day and we want to be a blessing.


Our Dental Hygiene Programme

We hold dental hygiene talks and its importance on our overall health. We give each player  a pack containing a toothbrush and toothpaste to help them create good dental hygiene habits.