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We are 3 Ghanaian brothers currently living in New Jersey, USA. We were born in Hertfordshire, England and lived in Singapore for seven years before moving to the USA.

We have been playing soccer since the age of 4, and throughout our lives, have developed so much love for the game. We know that our ability to play the game we love every day is largely because we have access to facilities and soccer gear every day. 

However, what we have experienced through living and travelling to several different continents is that, talented players who share the same amount of love for soccer as we do, can’t afford to play because they just simply do not have access to the gear and facilities that we do.

Whether it is through not being able to afford cleats, to not having jerseys, shin guards and clothes, a lot of these children in places like Ghana cannot develop their talent. This is why Soccer For Dreamers was birthed!

For these children in Ghana, soccer is not just entertainment, it is a way out of the financial predicament that a lot of them are in. We want to help these children play the sport that they love and come a step closer to attaining what was once a dream for them.

Our maiden project in Ghana in the summer of 2022 impacted more than 200 kids! We made an impact and garnered a lot of media attention by doing the following:

-We donated gently used soccer kits to male and female teams;

-We run programmes aimed at eradicating menstrual poverty by distributing menstrual cups and educating them on its use and benefits;

-Gave a dental hygiene talk and distributed dental hygiene kits to help them create good dental hygiene habits;

-At every programme we served a hot meal to each of the players as for most of them that would be their only meal of the day.

We were happy with the success of these events. The experience was truly humbling! We saw firsthand how much of a need these kids have and are happy we could do our bit to impact them positively and hope we can continue to do so. Indeed, we would be doing them a disservice if we made this a one-time charity event. 

Soccer For Dreamers is now a 501(c)(3)  nonprofit organization registered in the state of New Jersey. This allows us to continue the charitable work on an even larger scale to serve humanity through the fantastic sport of soccer. 

It would be greatly appreciated if you can, to donate towards this cause. 

Yours in Service,

Baruch, Jed, Kayden Akwaboah. 




Soccer For Dreamers  is a 501(c) (3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization,  EIN 92-0364815. All donations made in the US are deemed tax-deductible bar any limitations on deductibility applicable to a particular tax payer.

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Our Queen Dreamers

Help Eradicate Menstrual Poverty – Message from our President.

Thank you for your interest in Soccer For Dreamers! I am so incredibly proud of my boys  for starting this initiative to serve soccer kids in underserved areas in Ghana.


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