In the summer of 2022, we collected and shipped 9 large boxes of gently used soccer gear to Ghana, as well as 2 suitcases that we we took with us.
We impacted more than. 200 kids by doing the following:

– Organizing a soccer exhibition tournament and playing soccer with the kids;
– Distributing soccer gear to more than 10 local teams in Ghana;
– Partnering with the esteemed Ghana Football Association to organize a symposium on menstrual hygiene, highlighting the sustainability and cost effectiveness of menstrual cups as well as distributing 100 menstrual cups to female soccer players in hopes of helping combat the issue of menstrual poverty that is so prevalent in Ghana;
-Distributing bars of soap to the female players to help them in their menstrual hygiene efforts;
– Distrbuting wrist bands with positive messages to the female players to help build their self esteem;
– Organizing a dental hygiene symposium for the players in a bid to emphasize it’s importance in the overall health of the athlete. We distributed toothbrushes and toothpaste to the players;
– Providing hot meals to players at all events.

We were happy with the success of these events. The experience was truly humbling! We saw first hand how much of a need these kids have and are happy we could do our bit to impact them positively and hope we can continue to do so. Indeed, we would be doing them a disservice if we make this a one time charity event.
Soccer For Dreamers is now a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization registered in the state of New Jersey. This allows us to continue the charitable work on an even larger scale to serve humanity through the fantastic sport of soccer.

Help us to make more of an impact.